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Editor's Review

How many times have we all considered reformatting the hard disk of our computer or at least the partition in which our operating system and program files are installed, due to very low space or slow performance? Well, the answer is "too many", and the main reason that this is happening is the accumulated temporary but unnecessary data that come with the software we use or the possible errors in the Windows Registry. But before you proceed with a clean install of your OS, which comes with backups and re-installation of your applications, you can try CCleaner. As its name implies, CCleaner is generally a "junk" cleaner software. As well as being user friendly and easy to use, it is also free to download and use, making it the most popular cleaner utility.


CCleaner(comes from "crap"-cleaner) is one of the most useful tools that you can download and use to keep your computer clean and optimized. To begin with, you can use CCleaner to get rid of the temporary files, program histories, log files and memory dumps that are saved on your disk but are no longer used or needed. The utility will of course let you choose which files to delete exactly, because there is a possibility that you might want to prevent some files from being deleted. Moreover, apart from the obvious Recycle Bin files, you can also clear your browsers caches or even your browsing history and cookies (passwords for log-ins etc).

CCleaner will analyze all of these data mentioned above and inform you about how much valuable space you can free up, if you decide to delete these files. Furthermore apart from the basic Cleaner, this helpful utility also contains a Registry cleaner that you can use to spot and fix errors in the registry(wrong registry keys and registry values) that may cause your computer to run slower(This feature must be used wisely and only after a backup, otherwise you may cause your computer more problems than you will solve). Other interesting features, are the Program Uninstaller that will fully delete any unwanted applications, the Start-up Program Manager that lets you choose which applications to start with your OS and the File Finder with which you can find duplicate files. In addition, more advanced users can use the System Restore and Drive Wiper tools.


The interface of CCleaner is one of the reasons that this program is so widely used from users varying from average to more experienced. It is more than simple, featuring colorful icons and easy to use menus. The sections are properly organized, and are both functional and user friendly, while choosing which data to analyze or delete is as easy as ticking the corresponding box for every option.


CCleaner's performance is exceptional for a free download software. Although, it is a program that is so thorough, offering countless options and analyzing or deleting so much data, it is actually very fast too. You will start the utility, check your options and clean your disk from unneeded data, in no time. Besides, not only is it quick but it also gets the job done. You will be amazed by how much free space this application will free up, while using tools like the Registry Cleaner and the Start-up Program Editor can also optimize your computer to run noticeably faster.


All things considered, CCleaner is a small but yet fast, intelligent and powerful tool that both the average and the more skillful users can use to get rid of unwanted data that take up important space in their system. What is more, combining its main functions with some additional features it offers, CCleaner "ensures" that your computer performs better and faster. And not to mention that it is available for a free download.

Publisher’s Description

CCleaner is the best tool for cleaning your Windows PC. This free cleaning and optimizing software is very effective in removing unused files and registry from your system. It protects your privacy online and makes your computer more secure and faster. Its basic UI is simple to navigate and easy to use. All features are pretty much straightforward, all you need to do is click a button.

CCleaner is not only a great registry cleaner, but it is also capable of cleaning all areas of your computer, such as your web browser history, temporary files, and cookies; your recycle bin and log files; and your recent documents and temporary files. Overall, this software will help you improve system performance, and allow your computer to run faster. CCleaner contains no spyware or adware, and best of all it is completely free. Download it now!

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