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Editor's Review

Google stepped into the browser market in 2008, with the launch of Google Chrome. Since then, the browser has gained popularity, improving on the standards set by its competitors. A main focus for this browser is compatibility, with Google developers taking special care to make sure pages loaded quickly and efficiently. In fact, Google Chrome is incredibly fast, and merges function with form very smoothly. Download Google Chrome and see for yourself why it’s considered one of the top browsers available.


Chrome offers features similar to those of other browsers, however what makes it stand out is that while many of Chrome’s features are basic, they are done well. For example, the tabbed browsing feature allows you to organize your open pages with a single click. You can duplicate, rearrange, and open new windows, and best of all, the tabs function separately from each other, so if one crashes, they aren’t all affected. Also, opening an embedded link from one tab will open a new tab next to the original page, opposed to the end of tabs, which helps you keep all your open pages much more organized.

Chrome also allows you to sync your Google account, which remembers your bookmarks and browser preferences, making them available on any computer you use. Whether several users work on one computer, or you often use other computers, it’s worthwhile to download Google Chrome and always have your browser personalized.

Private browsing is a great feature with Chrome because it utilizes incognito mode, which prevents tracking of your online activities. When surfing in incognito mode, closing a tab means all cookies from that session are deleted, as well as passwords.


Google Chrome is at the top of its game when it comes to security. The browser features built in malware and phishing protection, and auto updates so it’s always running the most current fixes for any vulnerabilities. The browsers warns you when you are accessing a potentially dangerous site. Since Chromes tabs work independently from one another, the sandboxing method of malware prevention works great. What happens in one tab doesn’t affect the other, which prevents malware from installing itself.


Chrome is easy to download, install, and use. Plus, the download process is safe and extremely fast. This browser implements a combined search area and address bar, known as Omnibox. Chrome was the first to use a minimalist approach to web browsing, inspiring the change in all of its competitors as well. A single menu button lets you access any browsing options, and you can customize your browser with different theme that alter the background window. Chrome also supports voice search, a great new feature.


One thing that has always kept Chrome at the top of the browser market is its lightning fast speed. Chrome can process JavaScript like none other, and even in its newest version, Chrome keeps its reputation for rendering. Chrome has responded to HTML 5 and CSS3 layouts with great performance, which means it’s a great browser for the future as well.

Publisher’s Description

Google Chrome web browser combines a simple UI with powerful features that ensure security and reliability, including Safe Browsing technology to prevent malware, an incognito feature to allow private browsing, and many others. Chrome is quick to start up, and loads pages extremely faster than other web browsers. If you are looking for a fast web browser, with customizable features, Google chrome is the right browser for you! Download it now for free.

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