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Editor's Review

From the days of Netscape Navigator, Mozilla has been developing internet browsers long before the market was as competitive as it is now. The first Firefox browser was released in November of 2004, with annual updates thereafter. In 2011, Mozilla switched to a rapid release plan, meaning a new version would be available six weeks after the previous installment. Most recently, on September 24, Mozilla released the latest version, Firefox 32.0.3. With a simple design and user friendly features, Firefox is considered the best customizable browser available. Download Firefox for a completely unique browsing experience, tailored to meet your individual needs.


Firefox offers a variety of adds-on that make the browser completely customizable. Users can easily manage tabs, security, and privacy, and is an industry leader for features. The newest features include an integrated PDF viewer, along with the innovative Social API tool, which shows social network notifications (with the exception of Facebook) right in the browser. The most popular add-on is the fan favorite ad-blocker, which disables annoying ads from websites. Firefox also updates automatically, and with the rapid release schedule, provides a convenient way to stay up to date. The browser extensions and syncing capabilities also auto-update, ensuring that you’ll always have the most recent version.


Firefox prioritizes security, and has often been at the forefront for privacy settings. With separate address and search bars, the browser will never make predictions from your former searches. You can opt to make the address bar function as a search bar, and you can target the search to specific providers, like Amazon or eBay. Setting privacy options are simple, and easy to find, unlike many major competing browsers. A special tool called Lightbeam allows you to discern anyone that is tracking your browsing. Firefox has been rated the top browser for trustworthiness by Naked Security.


Firefox is easy to use and is one of the most user friendly browsers available. The Panorama feature allows users to group a variety of tabs together, and keep long browsing sessions organized. No matter what the user needs, Firefox is set to deliver. Tab pining and synchronization across devices, tab preview and frequently used address option make it simple to keep the web browser working the way you need it to. Firefox is a great choice for users, regardless of if they stick to default settings, or completely customize the browser.


Today, there’s a lot of competition when it comes to selecting which browser is the fastest. Firefox may not be the fastest browser available, but it does offer the best selection of privacy and security options, while allowing you the ability to customize it. And it does so without compromising speed. In performance tests, like Java and HTML5, Firefox ranked just behind Chrome in numbers, but the difference was so subtle that any effect on performance is barely discernable. Firefox performs as well as other web browsers, but with the endless list of add-ons and features, the functionality takes precedence.

Publisher’s Description

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most innovative browsers available today. It lets you choose the way your personal info is collected and used, it allows you to browse securely and privately, and it displays the third party sites that interact with you and may be watching you online. Firefox also checks if your connection is secure, and provides providing anti-malware and anti-phishing to protect you from online threats. If you are looking for a secure and fast web browser, Firefox is the right browser for the you. Download for free it today!

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