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By KMP Media (Free)

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Editor's Review

KMPlayer is a highly versatile media player that can be used to play any of your media files without having to download any extra codecs to make your files play. With over 300 million users, KMPlayer is one of the world's most popular media players available today and it's free to download.


The interface of KMPlayer is sleek and simple. You can customize your view, the skin of the player, adjust the audio and the video separately, create playlists and more with this sophisticated player. It is easy to put the player into video mode to hide most of the menus for an extremely clean, minimalistic view that won't get in the way of you enjoying your videos


KMPlayer has an internal codec which means almost every video will play without needing any additional downloads. As one of the most popular media players available, KMPlayer is available in more than 30 languages and has users in over 200 countries. KMPlayer also has a well developed mobile app that will let you view the movies on your PC on your mobile device. KMPlayer can also play 3D video and the picture can be manually adjusted for best results, ie adjusting brightness, contrast, and/or hue to get a video to display properly on your device. Videos can also be rotated if you want to correct a video that was made on a mobile device and was not held the right way.


The performance of KMPlayer is one of its best features. It uses minimal resources to run so you can play your favorite HD videos without worrying about the video lagging or skipping because your computer can't handle the process. The initial download and installation process took only a few minutes on our test machine, and the program passed our virus scanners with flying colors. The installer does offer a few bundled apps, which you can easily accept or decline during the installation, and the video player throws a few ads from time to time, which is completely expected from a free software.


Overall, we are very impressed with KMPlayer. It played everything we threw at it, with high video and audio quality. KMPlayer is definitely one of the best free multimedia players out there, you too will be amazed by this software. KMPlayer is a very solid multimedia player that will play nearly every file from the moment you install it. With mobile integration and an enormous user base, you can be assured that you're getting a fully supported product that is used by hundreds of millions of people. KMPlayer does have a few additional offers during the installation; however, they are fairly easy to decline. Considering the enormous amount of satisfied customers, the wide array of help and support available, and the highly customizable player, we definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a new free multimedia player, especially if they don't want to worry about finding and downloading the right codecs for any new videos they want to watch.

Publisher’s Description

KMPlayer is a software for playing video files with a slick, modern, and nicely rendered interface. As a powerful universal media player, KMPlayer lets you play any video / audio format, such as MPEG-1/2, FLV, VCK, DVD, AVI, MKV, Ogg, OGM, RealMedia, QuickTime, 3GP, DIVX (1/2/3), MPEG-4 ASP, DivX 4/5/6, XviD, 3ivX D4, and many others. It handles a wide range of subtitles, and it even lets you play incomplete/damaged AVI files. Best of all, KMPlayer also supports 3D videos (side-by-side, top and bottom), a feature that is not available in most free multimedia players. KMPlayer is one of the world’s most used multimedia player, with more than 300,000,000 users in over 230 countries and available in multiple languages.

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